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Wraith Queen – Head Piece

I have finished working on the head piece. My head is a little bigger than the foam one, so it sits a little higher on the head than in the picture.

As you can see, I found a nice bright red wig! This should be very striking against the white clothing and pale greenish face. So far, this seems pretty promising. The construction was a little more challenging than I had thought, but I think I found my solution. After testing a few different adhesive methods, I found simple craft glue to be the best way of initially sticking the layers together. Once the glue dried, however, the pieces lifted apart at the edges, so I carefully stitched the edges down with white thread, using very small stitches. Once everything was nice and secure, I punched small holes along the top edge, and put small white paper brads in the holes.

The material is a polyvinyl, with different lizard textures in various shades of “vanilla” or as close to white as I could get.
Now that I have figured out how to keep these pieces together, and have successfully completed one section of the costume, I will continue on with the yoke and belt!

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Wraith Sketch

So, I have pretty much all my fabric now, and I have some shoes that will work (though I will keep looking!), and my dress form is in. I have ironed out the general look of my wraith:

Basically, I will have white pants, over which I will wear a fitted white dress. Instead of having slits up the sides, I will put the slits in the front, so it will look more like a jacket than a dress. It will have a simple collar.

Over the dress, I will wear a corset type belt, with lots of layers of vinyl, and buckles, and straps, and whatever else I can put on there. I am hoping to find some nice white or silver coloured rivets, but eyelets will work if that is all I can find. That is what all those little dots are.

Then, over the shoulders, I will have a yoke made of several layers of vinyl, and plated covers for over my upper arms. I am thinking that I will make something to go over my lower arms as well, but we will see.

And on my head, over the wig, I will wear a headband made of the same material as the belt and yoke. I want that to cover what usually appears as a very fake hairline with the cheaper wigs.

Of course, I will share pictures of the pieces as I work on them!