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Wraith Queen – Finished!

The fingers are tired, and the job is done! My Wraith Queen walked the halls of Grant MacEwan University for the Pure Speculation Festival.

That was about three months of work! I can only imagine how long I am going to have to work on my Queen of Hearts to get her the way I want! Now that my wraith is done (for now) I will be focusing my attention back to that monumental task of sewing that big ol’ dress! And it’s disaster crinoline!

A guess the make up warrants a closer look.

I have trouble with prosthetics, getting horrible rashes from the adhesive if I use it on my face. Past experiences with Klingon ridges taught me that one! Ideally, I would love to have had the little slits done in latex, as well as my brow bone. I tried my best with what I had to lighten the eyebrows, but with my dark hair that was going to be difficult.
I must say though, the shading turned out very well! It almost looks real! Admittedly, I did practice on the back of my hand several times with different colours to get the right combination before attempting this on my face!

I would say that all in all, this was a huge success! I see all the little flaws in it because I put them there, and either didn’t know how, or didn’t have time to fix them. Mostly the time thing… I strongly believe that given enough time you can figure out anything! There were a few late nights in that last week!

One little request??…. If anyone was at Pure Spec, or knows someone who was, who has pictures of my Wraith, can you please get in touch with me? This is the only pic I have! I didn’t stick around for the costume contest, because of other commitments, so I have had no luck yet in finding any shots! Thanks so much!


Wraith Queen: The Dress

This is pretty simple… I found a pattern last year that I used for my Vulcan costume.

The one in the middle is what I am doing for the Wraith dress. This is the inner-most layer, and pretty much the only parts visible will be the high collar, the sleeves, and the bottom half. I am moving the slits to the front and back, instead of being on the sides, to look more like a jacket.

Other than that, I am just following the instructions in the packet. Pretty simple, and not much else to share, other than the finished pictures! The fabirc is white, with a rough texture to it, and the lining is shiny with a lined pattern to it.

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Wraith Queen: The Bodice – Step Four

Once the surface details were finished I began working on the tabs along the top. First I cut out rectangles, about 2″ x 1″, with rounded corners on one end.

Using one piece, I marked the location and depth of each tab along the top, keeping my spacing even.

I then glued all the tabs in place.
Once the glue set, I ran a stitch all the way across, firmly attaching the tabs in their place. Using a hole punch, I then put a small hole in the top and base of each tab, and inserted the white brads I had used in the head piece.
The exterior of the bodice is finished! Next up: the inside (that blue test run I did a couple of weeks ago)
Time is quickly running out to get this project finished. I need to be ready to wear by Friday, when we drive to Edmonton for Pure Speculation. I began as a volunteer there several years ago, and have watched it grow. Last year I went as a pirate, a chance to wear my costume for the second time (the first time being my own stagette!), and in the years that I volunteered, I was a Klingon. 
Without further ado, I will get back to my sewing!