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Wraith Queen: The Dress


This is pretty simple… I found a pattern last year that I used for my Vulcan costume.

The one in the middle is what I am doing for the Wraith dress. This is the inner-most layer, and pretty much the only parts visible will be the high collar, the sleeves, and the bottom half. I am moving the slits to the front and back, instead of being on the sides, to look more like a jacket.

Other than that, I am just following the instructions in the packet. Pretty simple, and not much else to share, other than the finished pictures! The fabirc is white, with a rough texture to it, and the lining is shiny with a lined pattern to it.


Author: DizineGrl

Designer, Creator, Cat Lady, Builder of Cool Things, Dancer, Lover of Music.

3 thoughts on “Wraith Queen: The Dress

  1. Eagerly awaiting the finished product. No doubt will look beyond fantastic! By all means, you must sport this and join us over at Wraith Never Ending! It's a Wraith cosplay site. And will happily link and mention this as well. Again, looks fantastic! What more have you planned with this Wraith costume? ~Lady B

  2. Thank you! I do have a couple of pics we snapped after the convention on Saturday. Sadly, I had taken my shoes off! I will post those when I have a chance to get them off the camera, and if I see any of the photos that fellow con-goers took of me, I will ask if I can post those also. Being picky and knowing of each "mistake" I made, I see all the imperfections in it, but from the compliments I received, it looks like no one but me noticed! I will check out the Wraith cosplay forum, thank you for the link.

  3. Can't wait to see. :)~Lady B

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