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For the Love of a Good Villain

I have always had a soft spot for villains.

When I was a kid, I always liked Jafar, Ursula, and Scar more than I liked the hero in those stories. Jack Nicholson’s Joker was my favourite Batman villain (though, I love Heath Ledger’s take on the character!). I fell in love with Prince Nuada in Hellboy 2, and actually wanted the red hero to side with him, taking out the humans once and for all.

Most recently, I have taken a liking to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

Preparing for the first annual Steampunk Ball last fall, I decided last minute that I didn’t want to wear my usual outfit. Instead, I spent the few hours I had making a new headpiece and cobbling together a black and green dress from the skirts and tops I had in my closet. I managed, barely, to get a Steampunk Loki ready to wear. It was essentially a black and green gown and corset, and a gold headband with horns made from craft foam. For four hours of hot glue gunning and painting, it looked pretty decent. People recognized the character, and those who didn’t wouldn’t have even if I wore a movie replica costume.

Steampunk Femme Loki

Since then, I have been working on a movie inspired version. It has been slow going, with false starts, failed attempts, but it is coming along. The helmet is taking shape, and the basics of the outfit are wearable. I can put on the pieces I have and people know who I am, so that is a good sign! I hope to share the progress soon!

LokidUp to some good mischief with my Mom!