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Steampunk-Loli-Loki: Wedding Gown Turned Loli

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As I mentioned in my tophat post, the idea of Loli-Loki was partly inspired by our hot summer weather, and the need to have a version of my, now recognized, Lady Loki. Lolita styles, while usually consisting of many layers of lace and other things, can be made from lighter weight fabrics. This was my original intention.

That is not what happened.

May, 2014. I am at a local thrift shop scouting out some sources for fabrics. The formalwear section usually has crinolines that can be scavenged from some of the prom dresses. There she was. A tiered lace wedding gown. That much lace would cost a fortune! And would be a pain in the butt to sew. And there it was, already layered onto the skirt. Cut that in half, and I have two lace skirts, layer them on top, and I have a poofy knee length loli-skirt! Price tag…. $30! It would cost at least two or three times that for the lace alone. She came home with me.

Wedding Dress fits

Looking at the dress in the light of my sewing room, I thought… this looks to be about my size. Let’s give ‘er a go. Like a glove. I think it fit better than my own wedding dress. It was perfect. The lace sleeves, the high standing collar, and the lace bodice. Not something I would have worn normally, but oh so perfect for my Loli-Loki! My thoughts of cutting the skirt from the bodice floated away, and I decided to just crop it down at the knee.

Dress trimmed

The train was a decent length. Once the bottom half of the dress was cut away, I gathered it into a waistband and dropped it over the dress. The fullness of the layers of lace were perfect! I found an old bumroll from a costume I made a decade ago, and stuffed that underneath. The back bustle started coming together!

loli loki bustle

There is still work to be done to finish the dress, but this put me lightyears ahead! Thought this project I have had Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” playing on repeat in my mind. Yup. Thrift shopping. Even us seasoned costumers do it.


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