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Night time photo

I decided to try my hand at night time photography. After picking up a tripod earlier this week, I have been super excited to try it! I managed to find out what the most used view point is for taking pictures of downtown. At this point, I am not trying to re-invent the wheel! When I get better with other aspects, I will start scouting new locations!

So, Rotary Park, just off Memorial Drive is one of several highly used sites for taking pictures of downtown Calgary from across the river. The parking lot was much further from the treeline than I thought, and I was glad that I wore my ugly winter boots that I usually keep in the trunk of my car for emergency! I had to trudge through the snow to get past the trees, and there I could set up my camera with a clear view across the river. This was the result!

I had the shutter open for 4 seconds, at 5.6f, iso500. It was cold and I forgot my flashlight, so I was having trouble seeing and pressing buttons, or I might have spent more time adjusting things and experimenting to see what would happen. I am not sure at this point if my settings were even close to ideal, but I think the end product turned out pretty nice. I plan to go out again to another location just down the street where I don’t have to hike through snow! Hopefully, I can get there a little earlier and get some wonderful sunset colours. That might have to wait until the new year!

Now, I think I would like to curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea!

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I recently purchased a new camera, and have been playing around with it. Ok, so this isn’t about sewing, but I couldn’t help sharing this too. My cat is my most willing (or least objectionable, anyway) subject. She is also super duper cute, and I have loved photographing her since she was a tiny kitten. So, I was playing with my new camera, testing its limits to see just how close I could get, and how far I could be with the simple lens it came with. I need to know, after all, what I want in a new lens. They are a little too expensive to be purchasing willy nilly! This is one of my fav close ups of Pixel!

She has the most beautiful eyes! I am working on getting a good picture of her spots, and I would love to capture her “glitter” in her fur. Glitter is what they call the sparkly quality in a Bengal’s coat. When the light hits them, they shine like crazy! In the sun, especially, she gets nice and glittery! 
Well, I hope to get back into the sewing room this week. The hoop at the knee is starting to push forward, making the front part of the skirt stick out too far in the front. The weight of the material in the back is causing this, and I am thinking that the solution might be to remove the hoop from the knee. I have a fair amount of “poof” with the layers coming down from the waist and hips, along with the bumroll, so really, I just need the hoop near the bottom to make sure the bottom of the skirt doesn’t flop. I hope that works! 
While I have been typing this, Pixel has fallen asleep on her table near the window next to my desk. I reached over and pet her head, and she opened her mouth, let out a silent meow (just the sound of her breath!) and rolled her head around so her chin is up. She loves her Mommy!